Sunday, June 29, 2008

9.68!!!!!!! and Andrew takes his try at the triple jump!

What a day! Tyson Gay put on a show today. Removing most of the doubt as to who will be the favorite come six weeks in Beijing, Gay ran what would have been a HUGE world record time of 9.68 (current WR is 9.72) had it not been for a tailwind of 4.1 - the legal limit is 2.0. That being said, it was the fastest time ever run for the 100 meters under any conditions and I believe he is the first person to run under 9.70. I was taping the race at the top of the grandstands and when Gay crossed the finish line, I think the roar of the crowd could have been heard back in Ohio. It was one of those "goosebumps" moments. Aaron, Ashley and I got along the fence during his victory lap and got some pictures and an autograph (see pictures).

The day didn't end after the track meet though. I'm not sure how we got on the topic, but walking back from dinner Andrew decided he wanted to try out the triple jump. I took the liberty of outfitting our newest HPC athlete (see pictures) and then we made our way over to the volleyball court behind the dorm we're in.

After a few trial runs, Andrew got the hang of it and along the way he drew a crowd. We were even able to track down a meet marshall, whose speciality just so happened to be the jumps. Marshall Bob Knoll, from Kentucky, taught Andrew a few technical things and the jumps continued. The last jump was the best. There was about 100 kids walking by, so Andrew decided to engage the crowd a little. We got them to participate in the "track clap" and the rest is history.

I was able to squeeze in my first workout after the meet today. Did an 12-mile progressive run on the bike path along the river. Ate dinner downtown, across the street from the "Duck" bookstore, but I forget the sports bar's name.

We are down in the lobby watching Prefontaine right now, which is kind of touristy considering we are watching the movie right across the street from Hayward. But you know what, I love it! Have a good one.

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