Sunday, June 29, 2008

New American Record in the 100 meter!!!

There was only time for one post yesterday because I was too busy getting my butt kicked in ping pong by Lindsey. I told her by the end of the week I would beat her, but I'm not sure if that is going to happen haha.

The meet finished up pretty early yesterday - before 6 p.m. We ate dinner at a pretty nice grill, The Boulevard Grill, down the road. Other patrons of the restaurant included Matt Tegankamp, Chris Solinsky, as well as the other Wisconsin crew, and NCAA 800 meter champion from Texas, Jacob Hernandez. On the walk back a ran into an Oregon student - John Andrews - who was shooting some hoops, so I stopped for a while to work on the shot.

Anyway, undoubtedly the highlight of the day yesterday was Tyson Gay's new American Record (9.77) in the 100 meters. However, Gay was very fortunate to even be in the quarterfinals because in the opening round he eased off the pace too early, which resulted in some very tense moments immediately after the race as everyone waited for results. He would end up finishing 4th in his heat and advancing - top 4 advance - but had he not moved on, that would have gone down as one of the most boneheading moves in track and field history! Someone must have said something to him after the first heat because there was no letting up in his quarterfinal race.

There was a huge wreck just after the 200 mark of the 2nd 800 semifinal heat. Four of the eight girls went down hard, including Western Michigan's Becky Horn. The separation caused by the fall pretty much assured that the girls who didn't fall would be advancing to finals. However, the USATF decided after the race to advance all 8 girls from that heat, which will set up a 12-women final in the 800. I'll be surprised if there isn't another fall tomorrow.

Adam didn't really move from the bed all day yesterday, but he is up and moving around this morning. Hopefully that means he'll be good to go today! Note to everyone reading this, if you come to Eugene DO NOT eat at Muchos Gracios.

The meet starts, and ends, early today. We have our morning meeting at 9, so I need to get ready. Check out NBC today for race coverage.

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