Monday, June 30, 2008

A Great Monday Morning

The good times keep on rolling.

I got up this morning and knocked out a 15-mile long run. A lot happened on this run:

I ran to Hendrick's Park, which is up on this hill that overlooks campus and has a bunch of trails. The park is full of these huge 100-200 foot Pine trees and the entire run is completely shaded.

Once I finished up running in the park, I took the roads to Pre's rock - the place where Oregon distance legend Steve Prefontaine died. They have a little memorial set up there.

My run continued on towards South Eugene High School, where I picked up another wood-chipped trail - The Amazon Trail. On the trail I ran into one of America's youngest, brightest distance stars, Dathan Ritzenhien. He finished second in the US Olympic Marathon Trials this past November and will be running the marathon in Beijing. We ran together for 2 or 3 miles and talked about tonight's 5k, as well as his upcoming races. He even gave me some advice for my upcoming half-marathon debut in August.

Big night of races tonight - a distance running fan's dream night. Finals of the men's 5k and men's and women's 800, as well as prelims in the women's 5k and steeple.

Off to the Original Pancake House for some waffles and french toast!

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Ashley said...

are you in heaven?