Friday, June 27, 2008

Olympic Trials Prep.

After finally getting some sleep, I'm rested and ready to go. I got up this morning and went for a nice easy 5 miler. I found a few bike paths along the Willamette River and those led me to Pre's trail, which is an awesome wood chip trail!

On the first floor of the building we are staying at they have an area with free food, drinks, big screen tv's and, the best of all, a Wii. I'm sure that will be a very popular hangout spot for our group during our down time.

After breakfast, I wondered out the back door to explore the setup at the track. Trying to get into the area is going to be hassle, because the security surrounding the event is unreal - I'm pretty sure we saw the snipers setting up shop on top of our building this morning! After going through the extensive security checkpoint - it's just like at the airport - Aaron and I got into the heavily guarded track area. We walked around the festival area. What a great setup they have. A ton of vendors, including a Nike retail store.

After going through yet another security checkpoint, I got my first look at famed Hayward Field. What a sight! Can't wait for all the action to get underway. I was telling my roommate for the week, Adam, that there is a certain vibe, energy surrounding Eugene right now. Everyone is excited to get this thing started!

I'm heading off to one final meeting and then it's to the track to tape some events for the women's heptathlon.

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