Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mexican takes its toll on Adam!

Good morning! It's gonna be a hot one hear in Eugene today. They are calling for near record highs of around 90. Of course, when you are from the Midwest, 90 and dry heat doesn't seem so bad haha.

My post last night stated that Mexican food is always a big question mark. The answer to that question was not good for my roommate Adam. He puked in our room's garbage can this morning! Those enchiladas got him haha.

I got up and did an easy AM run on the paths this morning. Ran into the Ohio State guys - Brian Olinger, Rob Meyers, Jeff See, and Dan Huling - near the end of my run and chatted with them for a while. They all start racing on Thursday.

I'm heading off to our morning meeting. It'll be kind of a slow day at the track today. Things I'm looking forward to: 800 semifinals and finishing up the heptathalon.

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