Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A day of networking

Andrew, Aaron, and I went to the USATF coach's clinic yesterday. We got in free because the guys in charge of HPC - Dr. Mike Young, Dr. Will Wu, and Dr. Jared Porter - were giving presentations. I went to the distance running sessions and listened to: Terrence Mahon, coach of marathon medal hopefuls Ryan Hall and Deena Kastor; Jerry Schummacher, legendary distance coach at Wisconsin; Julie Heiner, women's coach at Georgetown; and Pat Tyson, the winner of 20 consecutive Washington state high school championships.

They all offered great insight into coaching distance runners. I got a chance to talk to Pat Tyson a little more. Tyson, who was roommates with Prefontaine when they were in school at Oregon, was the one who showed me around Kentucky's campus when I was considering transferring after all of the cuts. He left UK for a job with Nike out here in Oregon. He remembered me and we talked about how things worked out for both of us. He's a great guy!

I got in a quick workout when we got back. Did some 800s and some 20 sec. pickups mixed into a 12-mile run. I am gonna run this 10k road race on Friday.

After I got cleaned up, I met up with my good friend, Justin Kempe. He was the GA at OU while during my freshman and sophomore years. We went to track town pizza for a while and then we met up with some other coaches at the Villard Street Pub. He introduced me to the Oklahoma State and Vanderbilt coaches, but the highlight was talking with John Hayes, the coach of Lopez Lomong. Coach Hayes spilled the beans on everything Lopez - it sounds like he is in amazing shape, I'd look out for him in the 1500 - and gave Kempe and I the lowdown on coaching at the collegiate level.

Everyone cleared out around midnight, but Kempe and I stayed around until 1:30. We had a great talk!

I'm going for a little morning run over at Pre's Trail.

Everyone cleared

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