Saturday, July 5, 2008

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!

I also hope you saw better fireworks than we did. As far as fireworks displays go, the ones we saw weren't very good. But I guess it's about the atmosphere and setting more than anything. How many times do you watch fireworks and celebrate the 4th in the stands of Hayward Field?

There were some pretty awesome races last night. The weather was perfect and the runner's took advantage of it!

Abdi impressed in the 10k. Leading most of the way, he gave the lead up to Oregon's Galen Rupp with 3 laps to go, before passing him back with 500 to go and holding off the crowd favorite down the stretch. Abdi then celebrated by running over to the steeple pit and jumping in the water! That was pretty funny. As for Galen, what a race. The 22-year old phenom is going to own the 10k in four years. Big props to Jorge Torres too, who ran the race of his life to get third.

In the women's 5k, Kara Goucher came from behind in the last 100 to win. Goucher, Jen Rhines and Shalane Flanigan pulled away from the rest of the field about mid-way through the race. The three pushed the paced and it looked like Goucher was hurting, but she kept it close enough to give herself the chance to win. She ran a 63-second last lap. Wow! Side note, I was underneath the grandstands watching the women warm-up before the race. Let's just say that it was a good view :)

High school junior Jordan Hasay, from California, ran a new high school record in the 1500 - 4:14. She also qualified for the finals on Sunday. As she was taking her picture with the scoreboard, the fans started chanting "Come to Oregon." Is that some sort of NCAA recruiting violation? Probably not, but what an advantage haha!

After the fireworks, we ended up going to the Villard Street Pub again. The place was packed last night. 3 of the 6 distance running qualifiers from last night showed up. Abdi and Galen on the men's side. And Jen Rhines, along with Sara Slattery, were the women. They were taking pictures with people left and right. I almost felt bad for them because they didn't get a chance to just relax. Then again, I don't feel too bad for them because there are going to the Olympics.

Good to see that Zambrano is back pitching again for the Cubs. Good win yesterday Big Z!

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