Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Penultima Night

It was a pretty mellow day at the track, especially after what happened to Tyson Gay this morning.

The crowd livened up for the final of the men's steeple. It was so cool to watch a race with so many people that I have raced against/know. Corey Nowitzke, Brian Olinger, Dan Huling, Jordan Desilettes, and Josh McAdams all made the finals. Fam, the bearded wonder, won the race pretty convincingly and could be a possible contender for a medal in Beijing.

After a cloudy beginning to the day, it's nice and sunny right now. I got in a good 10-miler after the meet was over this afternoon. I went back up to Hendrick's park and ran on some trails up there before finishing up over on Pre's trail. There are so many cool places to run out here that 10 miles goes by pretty quick.

Tonight's title also serves as the word of the day. Penultima. If you don't know what it means, look it up. If you do know what it means, or once you have looked it up, make it your goal to use it before the end of the weekend! That's my challenge.

We are leaving to go eat a nice Italian dinner.

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