Thursday, July 3, 2008

Meet resumes

The meet will be starting back up in about 2 hours. I'm excited for some of tonight's races because I personally know - some better than others - about six guys who will be running. Two of the guys are in the 1500 - Jeff See and Rob Meyers - and four are in the steeple chase - Corey Nowitzke, Jordan Desillets, Brian Olinger and Dan Huling. Both of the races are qualifying events.

We drove to some outlet shops about an hour north of Eugene this morning. I used some of my per diem money at the Nike and Ralph Lauren Polo stores; thank you USATF!

I took Andrew on a little run up to Pre's rock. We timed it perfectly because Nike was taking some of their employees up there to listen to one of Pre's old teammates, an 800 runner whose name was Steve, talk in general about Pre and then also his death. So we stood in the back and listened. It's hard to imagine someone could die on this road because it is all completely residential.

I just got back from the rec center, where I finally found something I could beat Lindsey at - basketball. I was able to win a few games of horse against her, but she's got a pretty good shot.

The meet starts back up in a few hours. Time for a quick shower and then it's off to Hayward for the night!

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